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About Us

Kith and Kinsmen is all in the family. Terry and Tara are a mother/daughter duo who have a joint interest in family history. Terry and Tara are well versed in genealogical research. Together, they complement each other and create a great genealogy research team. They have worked together to research their own family and are now interested in helping others in their journey.

Terry is a member of the Daughter’s of the American Revolution, the National Genealogy Society (NGS) and the Association of Professional Genealogists. She has completed several courses through NGS and is a  ProGen Graduate.  Additionally, she has a Master’s degree in Management and a Project Management Professional Certification.

Tara studied Sociology and French at Mount Saint Mary’s University and received a Master’s degree in Public Anthropology from American University.  Tara is well versed in project management and accustomed to thinking outside of the box to find solutions.  She relocated to Norway to experience a different culture with her husband and two cats named Mango and Kona.  Since Tara now lives in Europe, she can easily travel to many locations in search of your roots.

Meet The Team


Meet Terry.  Lead Genealogist extraordinaire.  Terry gets really excited over even the smallest clue because every clue gets us closer to solving your family’s mysteries.  Terry specializes in research in Virginia, Pennsylvania, New England, and Texas.


Meet Tara.  Family History Researcher.  Tara is no stranger to research.  She excels at making great connections  and gathering information from online resources.  Tara loves a good challenge and is happy to help you with your family history interests. Also, she can easily travel to other European locations to research your family tree members.


Mascot.  Roxy loves keeping Terry’s feet warm while she’s doing research.

Our Services

Genealogy & Family History Research

The meat and potatoes of our work.  We can scale our research to your specific needs.  Whether it’s building a family tree or researching a certain familial line, we are happy to discuss options with you.  We will collaborate and identify all possible sources and create a research plan. After we complete our research, we will provide you with a research report and all documentation. We will even recommend future research. We can’t wait to get started!

Record Retrieval

Can’t get to a repository to get the document you need? We are located both in the USA and Europe.  Terry lives in the DC metro area and Tara lives in Europe.  With this global reach, we want to help you discover more about your family.


We can take photos of tombstones, family homes, places of employment, and so forth.  Photos are visual tools in discovering each of our family’s history.

Life Stories

After conducting research, we can prepare a life story for you about an ancestor.  An amazing keepsake or family gift – starting at $40!

Transcription & Abstracting

We can offer both but, what is the difference?

A transcript or transcription is a literal copy of another document.  The copy is as faithful to the original as possible.

An abstract is a summary of the text in a document which does not include every word or punctuation mark, but still includes all the essential details.

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